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Many students come back from courses abroad and quickly forget most of what they learnt.  The benefit of learning online is that your course doesn't need to stop at a particular date when you have to back to work/university.


This course is specifically tailored for students who will only use their Arabic to read Quran.  Homework involves translating Ayaat.

The Quran is a literary masterpiece – in fact it is far above this description. The most important aspect of Arabic that the student needs to learn to understand the Quran is (initially) the grammar. The vocabulary of the Quran is limited to around only 2,000 words – so the student can focus on the grammar and learn the vocabulary as (s)he goes along.

Our course comprises the following structured syllabus - we do teach other courses lke Madinah Books depending on demand:

Level Book
1  Iqra Academy Reading Arabic Script
2  Al Kitaab Al Asaasee Level 1
3  Bayna Yadayk Level 2
4  Ibn Saud University Arabic Course Level 2
5  Ibn Saud University Arabic Course Level 3
6  Ibn Saud University Arabic Course Level 4
7  An Nahw al Kaafee
8  As Sarf al Kaafee
9  Balaagha
10  Alfiyyah ibn Malik

However, If you have your own structured plan, we are happy to teach your syllabus, e.g. Madinah books.

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