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Going abroad to study can cost around 11* per hour of study.  Studying online costs only 5.00 for the same hour, leaving you with more money for books, courses, umrah etc.

*Includes rent, flight, course fees and general living costs.


There are two ways to study - as part of a class or private tuition.

Group Class - 5.00 per hour (around US$7.50 per hour)
This is our most popular option.  We keep the maximum class size down to 4 students.  This is so that we can make sure everyone gets full attention.

Private Tuition - 7.50 per hour (around US$11.25 per hour)
This is one-to-one.  The course will go as fast as you can and we tailor it specifically to your needs.  This is the quickest way to learn. 

STUDENT DISCOUNT - if you are a full-time student at school or university, you can study Private Tuition for only 5 per hour - the Group Class rate.  (We will request proof of your status.)


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